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Welcome to Wideland Insurance Brokers: Your Comprehensive Farm Insurance Partner

At Wideland Insurance Brokers, we recognize that farms are not just businesses; they are a way of life. Our commitment is to safeguard the livelihoods of farmers by offering comprehensive and tailored insurance solutions. Whether you operate a small family farm or a large agribusiness, Wideland Insurance Brokers has you covered with our extensive range of farm insurance policies. Explore the various types of insurance your farm may require, with a special emphasis on the critical nature of Crop Insurance.

1. Farm Property Insurance

Protecting the physical assets of your farm is crucial to its sustainability. Our Farm Property Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your buildings, equipment, machinery, and livestock. From barns to tractors, we understand the unique challenges farms face, and our policies are designed to ensure that your valuable assets are safeguarded against risks such as fire, storms, theft, and more.

2. Crop Insurance: A Critical Component for Agricultural Success

Crops are the lifeblood of any farm, and their success is directly tied to your livelihood. Crop Insurance from Wideland Insurance Brokers is a critical component of our offerings, providing financial protection against crop losses due to adverse weather conditions, diseases, or other unforeseen events. Here’s why Crop Insurance is indispensable for the modern farming business:

a. Mitigating Financial Risks: Agriculture is inherently vulnerable to various risks beyond a farmer’s control, such as droughts, floods, or unexpected frosts. Crop Insurance acts as a financial safety net, mitigating the impact of these risks by covering a portion of the losses incurred.

b. Ensuring Consistent Income: Crop losses can significantly impact a farm’s revenue stream. Crop Insurance helps ensure a consistent income for farmers by compensating for losses incurred due to factors beyond their control. This allows farmers to maintain financial stability even in challenging times.

c. Supporting Long-Term Sustainability: By providing financial support during challenging seasons, Crop Insurance plays a crucial role in promoting the long-term sustainability of farming operations. It enables farmers to recover from setbacks, replant crops, and continue their agricultural activities without facing insurmountable financial hurdles.

d. Access to Credit: Many financial institutions require farmers to have Crop Insurance as a condition for securing loans or credit. Having this insurance in place provides lenders with confidence in the farmer’s ability to manage risks, making it easier for farmers to access the necessary funds for their operations.

3. Livestock Insurance

Your livestock represents a significant investment, and protecting them is paramount. Wideland Insurance Brokers offers Livestock Insurance that covers the value of your animals in the event of mortality due to accidents, illness, or other covered perils. Our policies are tailored to meet the specific needs of your farm, providing financial support when you need it the most.

4. Farm Liability Insurance

Farm operations inherently come with certain risks, and liability concerns are ever-present. Our Farm Liability Insurance provides protection against third-party claims for bodily injury or property damage that may occur on your farm. With coverage options tailored to your specific activities, you can rest assured knowing that your farm is protected from potential legal and financial liabilities.

5. Machinery and Equipment Insurance

The efficiency of your farm relies on the proper functioning of machinery and equipment. Our Machinery and Equipment Insurance ensure that your tractors, harvesters, and other essential tools are protected against breakdowns, accidents, or theft. We offer coverage that keeps your farm running smoothly, even in the face of unexpected challenges.

6. Agribusiness Interruption Insurance

Unforeseen events, such as natural disasters or equipment breakdowns, can disrupt your farming operations. Agribusiness Interruption Insurance from Wideland Insurance Brokers provides coverage for the financial losses your farm may incur during periods of business interruption. This comprehensive policy ensures that your income and ongoing expenses are protected, allowing you to recover and rebuild without financial strain.

Why Wideland Insurance Brokers for Your Farm Insurance Needs?

Choosing Wideland Insurance Brokers as your farm insurance partner means choosing a team dedicated to the comprehensive protection of your agricultural endeavors. Our policies are crafted with the unique needs of farmers in mind, and our commitment to personalized service ensures that you receive the coverage that precisely aligns with your farm’s requirements.

Partner with Wideland Insurance Brokers today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your farm is protected by a team that understands agriculture. Contact us for a consultation, and let us tailor a comprehensive farm insurance portfolio that safeguards your investment, promotes resilience, and secures the future of your farming operation. Your success is our priority at Wideland Insurance Brokers.

Our farm insurance packages have all the features needed to protect your farming assets. Up to 12 different farm insurance covers are combined under farmer insurance packages and these can be;

  • Homestead and Contents Insurance
  • Farm Property Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Farm Machinery Insurance
  • Working Dogs Insurance
  • Transit Insurance
  • Stock Insurance
  • Public and Products Liability Insurance
  • Fences and Haysheds Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Sickness and Accident Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance

What types of Farms can be covered?

At this stage we haven’t found a farm that can’t be insured but typical farms are;

  • BroadAcre
  • Cotton
  • Vineyards
  • Diary Farm
  • Poultry
  • Sheep
  • Hobby Farms
  • Goat Farms
  • Stud Farms
  • Aquaculture
  • Vegetable Growers
  • Orchards
  • Small Crops
  • Timber Plantations

With this range of protection of farm insurance available, working with you, we are able to personally tailor what we both consider your needs.

We can also offer special farm insurance liability covers for leisure and hobby farms (definition varies) of less than 20 hectares (50 acres) that generate small income.

Why use Wideland Insurance Brokers?

We use a panel of Multi Farm Insurance providers, in order to obtain the best price, some of these Farm Insurance companies do not normally offer a farm product and have limited capacity but by combining they covers we are able to put together a comprehensive package.

Where does Wideland Insurance Brokers service for Farm Insurance ?

Our service is Australia Wide

  • NSW
  • Queensland
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory
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